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Winter 2014 - Strong Woman Song: Aboriginal Women and Community Development

On March 5, 2014, the Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies featured Diane Roussin, Project Director for the Winnipeg Boldness Project, Dilly Knol, Executive Director of the Andrews Street Family Centre, and Darlene Klyne, Director of the Pathways Winnipeg Program, in a panel discussion of their journeys and how the community can mentor young Aboriginal women toward leadership roles. To read more, click here.

Winter 2014 - Métis Land Claim History with Thomas Berger

On Thursday, February 6, 2014, Thomas Berger, Aboriginal-rights lawyer and former Justice of the BC Supreme Court, gave a brief history of the Supreme Court decision on the Métis Land Claim Case. For more, click here.

Fall 2013 - UIC students consulted in planning for the new Merchant's Hotel space

The Merchant's Hotel has been purchased. Plans are underway to replace it with a larger structure that will accommodate retail space, eduational programs, and houseing for students and their families. To read more, click here.

Fall 2013 - Book launch for "Indians Wear Red": Colonialism, Resistance, and Aboriginal Street Gangs

The book is written by University of Winnipeg professors, Jim Silver and Larry Morrissette, and University of Manitoba professors, Elizabeth Comack and Lawrence Deane. To read more, click here.

Winter 2013 - Release of: Moving Forward, Giving Back, a book edited by Dr. Jim Silver 

Moving Forward, Giving Back looks at the positive effects innovative educational initiatives can have on the lives of Aboriginal people who want to further their education as adults. To read more, click here.

Fall 2012 - Presentations to the Community

November 19, 2012 - Jim Silver, Chair of the Department and Shauna MacKinnon, Director, Centre for Policy Alternatives, gave a talk "Doing Research with Inner-City Residents" at the Oral History Centre on the University of Winnipeg main campus.

November 7, 2012 - As part of the Visiting Speaker Series, Niigan Sinclair gave a presentation: "Dirty Waters, Dirty Stories: Aboriginal Literature in

Manitowapow" from 12:00-1:00 PM in the lower level at 527 Selkirk Avenue. Come out and join us for this.

Oct. 30, 2012 - Diane Roussin, Executive Director of the Ma Mawi Chi Itata Centre (Ma Mawi), gave a presentation "What's Happening with the Merchant's Hotel"

Fall 2012 - Partnerships with the Community

The Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies is engaged in the community and partners with members of the community, one example of which is the FrontStep Research Co-op. To read more, click here.

Fall 2012 - Remembering Claudette Michell

Sadly, Claudette Michell passed away on Oct. 5, 2012. As Program Coordinator for the Department, Claudette worked closely with the students in the program. During my visit in 2011, Claudette shared her own story with me, that is, how it was that through her education she was able reclaim her Aboriginal identity. To read her story, please click here.

Fall 2012 - Future Directions

The Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies has been growing steadily and they see a couple of new potential students every week. They are enthusiastic about the potential for further growth, with recent approval from Senate to become a Department and plans to eventually implement an M.A.

The target date for the Department's move to its new location in Merchants Corner is now September 2014. This is an exciting project and everyone is looking forward to seeing it come together! Click here to go to the University of Winnipeg's media release about Merchant's Corner.

Join the Urban and Inner-City Studies Program

To find out more online, click here to go the Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies website.

If you would like to consider becoming a student in the Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies, or becoming a Beginning University Successfully student, you are invited to contact the Department office at 204-786-7196 for more information.

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