Teaching History Summer Institute 2016

The University of Winnipeg and Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning presents:

New Perspectives on the History of Women in Canada

July 5-6, 2016
"Never retreat, never, explain, never apologize - get the thing done and let them howl!"
Nellie McClung[1]

This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of women's suffrage in Manitoba. Many of this province's women numbered among the first in Canada to win the right to vote. Long before this moment and ever since, women have played a central part in the historical development of Canada. The achievement of women's suffrage therefore represents a crucial moment in a long chain of struggles and successes that would eventually embrace all women. The 2016 University of Winnipeg-Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning Teaching History Summer Institute celebrates this centenary by exploring this historic landmark along with a longer and deeper history of challenges confronted, and milestones established, by women in Canada, as well as the living legacies.

The 2016 Teaching History Summer Institute explores the history of Canadian women and education toward appreciating, understanding, and communicating these perspectives and this history to students and the public. Together, the combined insights from historical experiences and cutting-edge scholarship will be applied to produce practical, dynamic, and creative strategies for the classroom. The history of women in Canada offers a valuable case study for examining the interpretation, representation, and memorialisation of women's history. As such, the institute will offer opportunities for teachers to explore Peter Seixas's Big Six historical thinking concepts.

Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning encourages teachers from Grades 5 to 12 to participate in this valuable learning experience.

Location: 223 Bryce Hall, University of Winnipeg
Registration fee: $50.00.
For registration and additional information see the THSI website or contact Jason M. Yaremko, Coordinator, 204.786.9353 or

[1] Nellie McClung, In Times Like These (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1972 [reprint of 1915 edition, D. Appleton & Co.]), vii. 


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