Campus Sustainability Office

We always have an impact.  This year, we’re making some choices about what kind of impact it will be.

The University of Winnipeg is updating its institutional sustainability strategy and policies, and we want to hear from you. Please read on to find out about the four different ways you can participate in this process.

Roundtable discussion in Convocation Hall

We want to lead by example. We want to inspire others to lead by example too, for the sake of future generations. Over the last decade, we’ve made some important progress, as described in our most recent Campus Sustainability Performance Report. 

This year, we’re taking a step back to ask: How do we want to impact the planet?  How do we want to impact communities close by and around the world?   What do we want our sustainability efforts to look like as we move into our second decade of our campus sustainability initiative? Please participate in four different ways to help us create policies and a strategy that we can all be proud of.

Speaking Tree

September 7 – October 31st: Our shared art project gives us the opportunity to dream.  Participate in the co-creation of this art piece by attaching your messages or objects that represent your vision, hopes and dreams for our university’s impact.   How do we want UWinnipeg to impact the planet?  How do we want UWinnipeg to impact communities close by and around the world?  Find the tree outside during Roll Call and in Riddell Hall in the second week of September through to the end of October


September 12th – 30th: Please fill out our survey to help us understand your thoughts on the University’s sustainability efforts to date and on what we might focus on in the years ahead.

Written Submissions

September 8th – November 4th: Individuals and groups are welcome to submit written submissions via email to at any time throughout this process.

Open Engagement Sessions

October 24th – November 4th:  Please attend one of the open sessions that will take place to workshop some of the key ideas and challenges that come out of the early stages of this process.  Dates and locations TBA.

How we will integrate your contributions to this process

Alongside organizing these opportunities for engagement, the Campus Sustainability Office is reviewing the policy environment, compiling data on best practices throughout North America, and engaging University departments with key responsibilities related to sustainability.  The results of all of these different exercises will be compiled into a “What We Learned” document that will be published online at the end of November.  This document will help shape the draft policies and strategy that are brought forward to the Board of Regents in January for discussion.  We aim to bring a final strategy and policies forward to the Board of Regents in March.  We will also create a short document explaining how the content from “What We Learned” were incorporated into the final documents.